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Francesc Tosquelles – Learning From Madness

foto: Talia Romero

We are trying out from on tomorrow a guided tour per day, in English and Spanish, at 12:00 pm. First there will be a general introduction to the project and then there will be a more detailed and informal tour to each of the archive rooms. This is made thanks to the very generous collaboration of the AECID interns in the pavilion- and I am very thankful to them!

Also, please mind that on Friday 8th July 11:00 we will enjoy de visit of Maurizio Lazzaratto, to talk with me and with Marco Baravalle on the very fundamental, but what a shame almost forgotten, Catalan psychiatrist Francesc Tosquelles. Continue reading ‘Francesc Tosquelles – Learning From Madness’

Waiting for Charles Filch: El Peor Pabellón

While we wait for Charles Filch to come we entertain ourselves with “The Artist Without Works” and “Rehearsal/ retrospective”. Of course “Instant Narrative” is a continuum, of which we are going to start publishing the first fascicles. I am sure you are all looking forward to that. Continue reading ‘Waiting for Charles Filch: El Peor Pabellón’

Sensibili alle foglie in the Spanish Pavilion

Today on the stage: Cesare Pietroiusti, Nicola Valentino, Maria Rita Prette, myself, and artist Rosella Biscotti.

This morning as usual, 10:00, an enormous flow of visitors, punctual as always, comes in. I am busy organizing our new vitrine with the treasures, in the format of colour photocopies, that Daniela Rossi and Bianca Tosatti brought last Thursday. Wonderful works by Horst Ademeit, Rino Ferrari, Antonello Stupino and others.

However, as I was extremely busy fighting my way among crowds of visitors, a specially angry middle-aged -or perhaps just aged, gentleman, started to insistently talk to me in Italian: Continue reading ‘Sensibili alle foglie in the Spanish Pavilion’

Franco Rotelli, Carmen Roll, Giovanna Gallio

Franco Rotelli, Carmen Roll, Giovanna Gallio at the Spanish Pavilion.

Trieste, ex Ospedale psichiatrico di Trieste, Basagliana: conversation between Carmen Roll, Franco Rotelli, Peppe Dell’Acqua, Giovanna Gallio and Stefano Graziani.

14 June

Thirty years after the Basaglian revolution, which Basaglia started and the persons in this conversation, among others, accomplished, the issue is now if such a revolution can regress, in a time when personal freedom, right to work, emancipation and social compromise mean little.

Continue reading ‘Franco Rotelli, Carmen Roll, Giovanna Gallio’

Rencontre entre Esther Ferrer et Dora Garcia à Rosascape, le 2 mai 2011.

Pendant cette rencontre Dora García a interrogé Esther Ferrer sur sa trajectoire artistique et ses positions politiques et artistiques de l’époque du franquisme à aujourd’hui. Il a aussi été question de sa position d’artiste « en exil » ou plus précisément d’artiste “déplacée” de l’Espagne vers la France dans les années 60. Esther Ferrer a évoqué ses relations personnelles avec quelques figures des avant-gardes intellectuelles dans les années 70 tel que David Cooper et la pensée Française avec Michel Foucault et Jacques Lacan. Autre aspect de cette rencontre : en tant qu’artistes représentant l’Espagne à la Biennale de Venise (en 1999 pour Esther Ferrer, en 2011, cette année donc, pour Dora Garcia) comment gérer la relation à l’Etat et à ses modes de fonctionnement institutionnels et politiques ?

Plateforme d’édition et de création contemporaine

The prehistory of The Inadequate: MM at Nomas Foundation, Rome

Mad Marginal: antipsychiatry tradition and marginality as artistic position.A seminar by Dora Garcia with Claudia de Michelis, Cesare Pietroiusti and Nicola Valentino

22 June 2010

In occasion of the third appointment of the Reading Room, Nomas Foundation and FormContent present Mad Marginal: antipsychiatry tradition and marginality as artistic position, a project by Dora Garcia exploring the relation between radical politics and radical art in the decade of the 70ties and its translation into today.

Through a series of conversations, Dora Garcia researches the idea of marginality as a political position in art. She applies the tradition of antipsychiatry and specifically the “Basaglian revolution” as a prism to look at artists who have consciously chosen to remain outside the mainstream. In Rome she will discuss these topics with Claudia De Michelis, Museo Laboratorio della Mente, Cesare Pietroiusti, artist, Nicola Valentino, co-founder of the publishing house Sensibili alle foglie. Continue reading ‘The prehistory of The Inadequate: MM at Nomas Foundation, Rome’

The prehistory of The Inadequate: Mad Marginal meeting, Milan

Mad Marginal: antipsychiatry tradition and marginality as artistic position

a seminar by Dora García with Stefano Graziani, Cesare Pietroiusti, Nicola Valentino 
March 1, 2010 from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Mad Marginal is a project undertaken by the artist last November, with the homonymous textpublished in Peep-Hole Sheet #03 (Mousse Publishing) dealing with the idea of marginality as a political position in art, its contradictions, and its beauty. Garcia recognized then the similarities between antipsychiatry, Antonin Artaud and Jack Smith (the underground film-maker that the artist reveres). Mad Marginal consists of a series of workshops, seminars and performances; of an archive research on historical documentation; of a curatorial exercise focusing on projects by contemporary artists; of the participation of the artist to the Faenza Contemporary Art Festival; of a publication and a short experimental film. The final presentation of the project will take place at the Fondazione Galleria Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità di Trento, with the launch and preview of the publication and the experimental film within the Trentoship and projects.

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The prehistory of The Inadequate: Peep-Hole sheet

Dora García – Mad Marginal
Issue #03 – Winter 2009

On the occasion of Peep-Hole Sheet #03, Dora García presents Mad Marginal. This is the first appearance of a larger project, titled in the same way, that the artist is developing for Fondazione Galleria Civica Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità di Trento. The whole project is prompted by Dora García’s readings of the writings of Franco Basaglia and is related to issues of censorship, audience-artist relationship, mainstream and marginality. Continue reading ‘The prehistory of The Inadequate: Peep-Hole sheet’