Daily Archive for August 25th, 2011

A little William Holden, by Martí Manen

Perhaps not many among you remember that during the first two weeks of The Inadequate, there was a performance called “Where do characters go when the story is over?“.

This was the description you can still find in the “Guide To The Performance” (/performanceguide/):

The performance Where do characters go when the story is over? presents, formatted as an unscripted conversation, the unlikely meeting between a fictional character and a real person, the conversation leading to the disintegration of such a distinction. In this case, the fictional person is none other than William Holden. Not the original Hollywood great William Holden, but the hybrid made by Martin Kippenberger in his work The William Holden Company (1991) and later ‘spun off’ by Dora García in her William Holden in Frankfurt (2008) – see www.williamholdeninfrankfurt.org. The real person is Geoffrey Carey, Hollywood misfit, European film avant-garde actor, and son of Western legend Phil Carey.

This all seems so long ago, and due to many circumstances, it does not look very likely William Holden will visit Venice very soon. However, fate has it that William Holden was, for Martí Manen, the ideal spokesman for The Inadequate. One has to know perhaps that William and Martí already met some time ago in Stockholm, and they have been friends ever since. Continue reading ‘A little William Holden, by Martí Manen’