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Conversation between Dora García and Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, ProjecteSD, Barcelona, 12 April

Last night, a fascinating conversation between Dora García and Isidoro Valcárcel Medinatook place at ProjecteSD, Barcelona, coinciding with the opening of the exhibition Forever, which featured works by both artists as well as Joe Scanlan.

García led the dialogue which began around the concept of the over-excluded or thesuper-excluded artists in relation to Pierre Bal-Blanc’s 2009  Secession exhibition and essay ‘The Death of the Audience’ (interview with the author here). Besides talking about this long-term interest of García around ‘the marginal’, the artists also discussed the role and sense of mission attributed to artists, censorship (and self-censorship), what it means to work ethically (or the ethics of work), the definition of quality and regret.

One of the highlights was this short exchange:

– Dora García: Do you identify with the idea of an artist without work?
– Isidoro Varcárcel Medina: Is that possible?
– DG: Well, there’s a few examples in history…
– IVM: With or without a catalogue…?





As a protagonist of post-conceptual and refusal art in Italy from the end of sixties, I would to remenber to you that, in 1973, I founded “Arte-Dialettica” with Francesco Matarrese and I actively participated at the art manifestations organized by the “Ufficio per l’immaginazione preventiva”, both presents in the extraordinary idea of Inadequate. Continue reading ‘Arte-Dialettica’